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Performancegroep Kumulus


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Performancegroep 2020

Kumulus Performancegroup & ADEcompany

Saturday 7 March 2020
20.00-21.00 hours 

Kumulus Theater
Herbenusstraat 89
6211 RB Maastricht


A new creation by Kumulus Contemporary Performancegroup.
A group of enthusiastic dancers from Kumulus worked together on creating a group choreography. The process is guided by Yvette van der Slik and the choreography is made in collaboration with the dancers.
Dancers; Annabelle Birell , Alice Filigheddu, Lisa van der Looij, Marialena Tsantila, Satya Pansky, Michelle Reitano, Eline Schurer, Marialena Tsantila, Aline Willemsen.

I want to unfold
Next to the Performancegroup there will be another choreography by Yvette van der Slik made in Lanaken, Belgium with the ADEcompany.
Music by Leonard Karel Peters.
Repetitor Stefano Giuliani.
Dancers: Sterre Ansquer, Rilana Nijs, Ann-Sofie Pusceddu, Jade Rumen, Jinte Rumen, Sophia van Sloun, Britt van Tright, Gwyneth Werner

Next performance May 16th 2020 Kumulus Dansfestival

For more info:
phone: 00 31 6 271 640 59
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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