mod dans vp

A dance and aikido inspired performance with live music

dans en aikido

aikido en dans aken

Black and White
When black meets white
and white meets black
you either are right
or turn ones back
The inside out pulls
outside in
for neither one to win

When: Friday 28 oktober 2016; Nacht der offene Kirche
20-20.45/ 21- 21.45/ 22-22.45 hours

Location: St. Fronleichnam
Leipzigerstr./Duppelstr. Aachen

Marieke Delannoy, Olivia Cassereau, Ghislaine van de Heuvel, Annick Ronden, Madeleine Karlsson and Yvette van der Slik

Aikido Maastricht
Rick Schols, Franca Warmenhoven, Daniela Welzel , Maartje Stroeken, Mare Knibbe and others

Live music by
Laurent Schijns

Concept & idea
Rick Schols, Rob Vincken & Yvette van der Slik

Yvette van de Slik in collaboration with the dancers

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BW klein2Foto's: Erwin Penners